Friday Notes

September 25, 2020

Technology Survey

As we work toward preparing our students for the possibility of distance learning, we would like to know what technology equipment needs exist within our community. Your child's homeroom teacher may have already asked you to share your family's needs; however, we ask that you complete this survey, as we would like the data will all rest in one place, making our determination smoother. Kindly complete this survey (one per family) as soon as you can:

2020 BJAMS Tech Survey

Morning Arrival Health Screening

As temperatures begin to dip below freezing and we turn our car heaters on full blast, we are experiencing several "re-checks" during morning arrival health screenings. To help us have a more accurate temperature read the first try, Nurse Yates advises that families lower the car windows as they approach the entrance to the circle rather than waiting to lower the windows as the health screener approaches.

Illness and symptoms

Inevitably, your child will feel unwell at some point this year. Chances are good, it won't be COVID-19; rather, just typical childhood illness. In the past, a fever and/or vomit would impact student attendance. This year is different; please keep your child home if he/she can answer yes to any of the health screening questions. Not only will other students get sick and miss school, but staff will, too. We request that you keep up the great work identifying symptoms in your children and making the right decision by keeping them home. We also appreciate the calls/emails letting us know the important details.

Lest you think your efforts are in vain, here is a scenario (using accurate data for the chain of events) of what can happen if just one student comes to school unwell. Let's select a third grader as our example.

  • He or she comes to school not feeling well. Third grader shares the germs with his/her teacher (and classmates) and the teacher begins to feel unwell.
  • Teacher must call in sick.The teacher has 3 children in our school and she shares the germs with her children, who in turn share the newly acquired germs with their teachers (and classmates) in PK4 and grades 2 and 4.
  • Those three teachers (and their students) and the PK4 assistant begin to feel unwell and call in sick.Those three teachers and the assistant share the germs with their own children in grades 1, 3, 5, and 7. And now those teachers (and their students) begin to feel unwell and call in sick.
  • Total sub need at this point: 8 subs.
  • Total number of students affected: 7 classrooms, totaling 97 students. So, you can see how one sick child has impacted the school's ability to stay open. Yikes!


If your child is traveling to a yellow or red zone, or will use public transportation (think: planes and trains) to travel to any color zone, he or she must quarantine upon return. This means no school for 7 days (inclusive of weekend) with a negative test or no school for 14 days. Please let us know in advance of your child's travel so we can develop a plan for both return and instructional delivery while quarantining.

Dress Down Day - October 2!

To honor the Feast of the Guardian Angels, we will host our first dress down day!

What is a dress down day?

A dress down day is a day that students do not need to wear their school uniforms and staff may dress more casually. We ask that all participants dress modestly (this means no tank tops, ripped jeans, visible get the idea). We also ask that participants wear footwear that is appropriate for PE and the playground (this means no flip flops, sandals, high get the idea). makeup, please and thank you! (Staff, you may wear make-up.)

Early Dismissal Reminders!

Should you need to retrieve your child(ren) before 2:50 pm:

  • PK Only: Park in the PK parking lot, ring the PK doorbell, and your child will be brought to you.
  • PK + K-8 sibling: Park facing the soccer field and ring the K-8 doorbell. Enter, sign out your children.
  • K-8 Only: Park facing the soccer field and ring the K-8 doorbell. Enter and sign out your child(ren).

ASP Corner

Community Garden Project Progress

This week at the Community Garden Project, we learned about composting, recycling, and solid waste management. What we throw away really does matter and it goes straight to our soil! Thank you Elly Ventura (LRSWMD), Lexi (AmeriCorps), and Michelle MacDonald (Master Gardener). Since, the school no longer has a worm bin, we thought it might be fun to have our own worms - gummies to eat, of course! Mr. Stein thought about indulging too!

BJAMS Run Wild Virtual 5K Oct. 24 & 25

Together, let's Run Wild like our lives depend on it! Because they do!

We have our first BJAMS team! Create your own with family, friends, or classmates! Invite everyone to join and support you!

Make the fun happen and register now and create a team!

Soccer Schedule

Just a reminder: please be sure your student brings a facial covering, a filled water bottle, shin guards, and sneakers/cleats. All trainings run from 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm and will be coached by Mr. Bu. Students not retrieved at the end of training will be brought to our After School Program.

Training Schedule

Mondays - Grades 1 and 2

Tuesdays - Grades 3 and 4

Wednesdays - Grades 5 and 6

Thursdays - Grades 7 and 8

Fridays - Grades 7 and 8

United States Council of Catholic Bishops - Call to End Racism

Below you will find the first article from the USCCB's Pastoral Letter regarding the call to end racism. We will include a new excerpt each week in Friday Notes.

Coming Up Next

Oct 2 - Dress Down Day

Oct 5 - No School

Oct 9 - Fire Drill

Oct 13 - Picture Retakes

Oct 23 - No School

Oct 30 - Half Day; Dismissal is at 12:00 sharp (no ASP available on half days)

Community News

Morrisville Parks and Rec - GIVEAWAY!

See the document below for all the details!

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