The Ideal Country

“Canada is the greatest country to live in"


Canada is a country like no other. Let's start off by saying the people in Canada are so sweet and caring. For example, if they do something by mistake, they will say sorry like 5 times. Most Canadians will also listen to everything/most things that you say to them. Let me just say that some of the most popular people in the world are Canadians. Some include Justin Bieber, Drake, and Ryan Gosling. Isn't that so cool? On the real though, Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world. About 3 million lakes. Canada also has amazing and free education till high school. There are also a ton of job opportunities for everyone. These are just a few astonishing things about Canada, but keep on reading to find more in depth information about why Canada is the greatest country to live in.

Immigration, First Nations, & Aboriginals

Canada's immigration history is something Canadians can be very proud of since they are very welcoming. A lot of people immigrate to Canada because of the jobs, the education, or they might be refugees. Let's start off with jobs. Most of the jobs in Canada give a higher pay check because it's pretty hard to get a job here. If you have a good background story, it will be easier to find a job. Education is also very helpful in Canada for kids and teenagers especially so they know what is going on around the world, who's in danger, and simple math. Refugees come to Canada because that might be the closest place they can go or they know someone already living there and they want to live with them. We can take Syrian refugees as an example. As of right now, there have been and still are a ton of refugees fleeing to Canada for shelter. Canada is a very diverse country with a ton of First Nations and Aboriginals. They have made Canada a much more developed country for the people living in Canada today. The First Nations people developed a lot of materials such as tools, clothing, shelter, and transportation. The First Nations were very strong because they lived in a very harsh environment and still made these useful materials for people today. The Aboriginals helped shaped Canada very well and also developed an unique culture. This made people feel more welcome to Canada and not left out just because of their culture. Aboriginals were also hunters and found various ways to get their food from animals. This was very helpful for the hunters in Canada today because they already knew how to get their food and didn't need to waste their time searching for it. Hunters do a real good favour for everyone in Canada. As you can tell, Immigration, First Nations, and Aboriginals is one of the many startling reasons why Canada is the greatest country to live in.

Climate Change & Natural Disasters

Climate change is another extraordinary reason as to why Canada is the greatest country to live in. I will start off by saying that the weather in Canada is not too hot nor too cold. I know you must be thinking what no way, Canada is extremely cold!? That fact is true but only sometimes. Meaning it depends on where you live in Canada, but in Ontario where I live, the weather doesn't get that cold where it becomes unbearable. People that have been living in Canada for a couple of years are very well used to the Canadian Climate. That is why they don't mind it when it becomes very cold sometimes. Just like if you live in Mexico for example and it gets very hot sometimes, people that have been living there for a while don't mind the climate because they are used to it. People that move there or go for vacation go specifically because of the climate. Canada doesn't get as many natural disasters as Mexico does due to their climate. Canada has a risk of 3.18% of getting natural disasters. That is nothing compared to countries such as Guatemala and the Philippines. I would say that the only major natural disaster that Canadians get is floods due to the amount of lakes in Canada, but that doesn't even happen frequently. Canadians get such little natural disasters that they don't even know how to prepare for them properly. The only way that they would actually prepare for a natural disaster is if the news was to talk about an upcoming one. If we wouldn't have had the news, then we wouldn't even know that a natural disaster was about to hit Canada, and where it would hit. Natural disasters and climate change is another surprising reason why Canada is the most amazing country to live in.

Natural Resources

Canada has many natural resources that Canadians depend on for everyday use. The primary resources include farming, fishing, forestry, water, mining, and energy. Farming in Canada provides a lot of clothing Canadians. Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world. Canadian families save about 58% on their weekly grocery bills due to modern crop protection. One of every eight Canadian jobs is related to agriculture. A fun fact is that prices for "FOOD" in Canada are some of the least in the world. Fishing is a good and healthy food source for Canadians. It is very, very easy to go fishing in Canada because of the amount of lakes there. That is why a lot of people in Canada love fishing and have it as one of their hobby's. Canada has one of the world's most valuable fishing industries, worth more than $5 billion a year. Forestry is very useful for Canadians because they get paper and wood which they can use to build beds and other furniture in their house. About 94% of Canada's forests are publicly owned. Canada has about 10% of the world's forests. Water is very important for Canadians so they can survive. There is plenty of water supply for Canadians because of the amount of lakes in Canada. The water supply is continuous and generally excellent quality. Mining in Canada has come a long way today. There are plenty of things engineers mine. Some things include batteries, musical instruments, and sport equipment. There are more than 800 mines in Canada. There is plentiful energy in Canada, mainly in Ontario, Quebec, and the Prairies. Energy is a very useful resource. Most things require a type of energy for it to work. Electronics require energy to run on. So does the human body. As you can tell, Canada has many useful and necessary natural resources for Canadians.

Urban Sprawl

Most areas in Canada are urbanized. This basically means that most places in Canada are urban areas. Urban sprawl is the spreading of urban developments on undeveloped land. An urban area is the region surrounding a city. Urban areas are very developed. Urban sprawl has disadvantages to it but there are also a lot of advantages. One advantage would be that since Canada now has less expensive land in outlying areas around cities, people are able to afford larger house on larger lots. That is really good because that means that you don't need to squeeze a large family into a small house now. It is said that better school systems are often available in urban areas. Urban sprawl areas are also really good because it lets you get a lot of exercise. Since there are a lot of houses everywhere, that will force people to walk or go on their bike because if they go in their car they will loose their destination and it will be jam packed. You can also be stuck in traffic if you go in your car which no one wants/likes. Everything is much closer in urban sprawl areas. Most things are usually with in walking distance. Somethings include schools, stores, malls, etc. This is a really good advantage especially if you need something all of a sudden. There are also more job opportunities in urban sprawl areas. For example, if you are looking for a job that is close by, you will easily find one since everything in urban sprawl areas are close to home. As you can tell, there are a lot of advantages for living in urban sprawl areas. It isn't full of disadvantages. Urban sprawl areas are really convenient since you don't need to drive far to get your needs. You can get them within minutes by walking.


Canada is the greatest country in the world to live in. I'm sure you know now why it is, but let me go over it once again very quickly before I finish off. Canada has some of the best immigrants, aboriginals, and first nations in the world. They made life for Canadians today so much more easier. Canada also has an excellent climate change control and very few natural disasters which is good news for everyone right? Canada has many natural resources that Canadians rely on everyday. Lastly, urban sprawl areas are very convenient in Canada. Canada is a country like no other. Now that people have realized it, I hope that the population will increase drastically. I am happy to say that I am a proud Canadian.


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