Cuba vs. United States

Sophia Welch and Giuliana Ponterotto


The percent of diabetics in the United States is far larger than that of Cuba because of all the fatty food within the United States, such as McDonalds.

Number of McDonalds

The large number of McDonalds in the United States plays a key role in the skyrocketing number of diabetics there.

Total Area (Sq. Miles)

The total area of the United States is larger than Cuba, which can mean more resources come in and out of the United States.

Number of Physicans

The number of physicians in Cuba is much larger than that of the United States which can lead to a healthier population down in Cuba.

Access to Safe Water

The 10% of Cuba that doesn't have access to safe water is affecting their health rate.

Staple Foods of Cuba

Staples: Rice, beans, oil and sugar.

Other foods include; Fruits, vegetables, eggs, spices, meat (pork chops ect.) , bread, cheese, pasta and soda.

Condiments: white sugar, salsa, red and green chili peppers, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, mayo, black pepper.

Fruits: yellow bananas, oranges, limes, pineapples, papayas, guavas.

vegetables: white onions, green cabbage, black and red beans, lettuce, cucumber, garlic, tomatoes, malanga (a potato-like vegetable), cornmeal, spaghetti, rice.

Anomalies: Fast food (McDonalds), frozen foods

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Staple Foods of the U.S.A

Maize or corn.

Other foods; Pizza, chips, dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat, fries, fried chicken, quesadillas, soda, sauces, spices, juice, canned food, condiments, biscuits, snack food like apple sauce and pasta.

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