Digital Citizenship Toolkit

Helping students navigate the digital environment

Be a Digital Citizen

What does being connected mean to you?

Digital Life + Real Life = a Balance

When you spend time looking down at a device, are you missing out on real life?
Technology is Destroying the Quality of Human Interaction
Discussion questions:
  • When are appropriate times to be plugged in vs. unplugged?
  • Do you feel pressure to stay connected?


  • Maintain a conversation with someone for 5 minute. What did you learn about them?

Are you addicted to your device?

Look at the infographic in the link below. Do these statistics define you? Do you know someone who fits into this "day in the life?"


Watch how these students care for their Chromebooks.

  • Do you follow the same rules?
  • What are the top 3 rules you should remember to keep your Chromebook in its best condition?

Digital Footprint

What do your digital footprints say about you?
Digital Footprint - What Digital Footprint Are You Leaving Online?

Make your own digital footprint!

  1. Open a Google doc.
  2. Type all of the ways you have ever used digital resources (school, home, any device)!
  3. Get the "Tag Cloud Generator" add-on for Google Docs to see your digital footprint.

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