The Senior Success Team 2023

September 2022 Newsletter

Senior Picture/ Yearbook Pictures

Make-up sessions for senior yearbook photos are now available.

We will be having make-up sessions November 14th through November 17th during school from 8:00am-2:15pm. These are by appointment only and will be scheduled through Mrs. Tewell. If you want your student's picture in the yearbook, it must be taken by Prestige during these make-up sessions. Please contact Mrs. Tewell via email: to be added to the schedule.

Yearbooks are on sale!

Click to order your yearbook. Enter code 40408 for Brownsburg High School.

Lunch Reminder

Just a reminder per the BHS student handbook: Students may bring lunch from home for individual consumption only. Meals brought in by parents from restaurants are not permitted. Students cannot leave to go out to lunch during their lunch period. They also cannot have fast food delivered for lunch or brought back to school upon returning from an appointment.

If needed, here is the link to the senior academy daily lunch menu:

Appointment and Absence Reporting

Appointments: When your student is needed for pick up from school before 2:50 pm, please notify Mrs. Tewell as early in the day as possible or even the day prior to the appointment at or 317-852-2258 Ext. 1701. We will send a pass to the student’s class with their dismissal time. They will need to stop in the Team 2023 office to sign out. Then will be dismissed to wait for their parent/guardian at Door #12 or if your student is a driver, they are free to go to their appointment. Please note some classes (like P.E., Choir, Band, Guard) are unable to answer phones during class and it is extremely difficult to find students once they get to the cafeteria for lunch. This may result in the student running late to their appointment, which we do not want to happen.

Absences: Please notify Mrs. Tewell at or 317-852-2258 Ext. 1701) by 10 am when your student is absent from school (due to illness, appointment, or other any other reason). Students are responsible for checking Schoology for missing work and contacting their teachers to see what they missed during the absence. Teachers can be messaged through Schoology or PowerSchool. Lastly, if a student misses school the day before and is aware of a test or quiz, students should expect to take the missing assessment the day they return to school.

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College Visits

For all college visits, the college visit permission form must be completed and submitted at least 1 day before the absence. Each student is allowed 2 college visits days per year. Your student must obtain written verification from the institution that they were in attendance and submit to the team office upon returning to school. The absence is not considered excused until all paperwork is received. Here is the link to our college visit form:

Message from the School Nurses

Please remember to sign up for Schoolcare. Schoolcare is the system used by the clinic to check important health information about your students as well as for you to authorize treatment for your student if they don't feel well during school hours. You should have received reminders to sign up. Please check your spam/junk folder since it comes from If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our nurses Ryan Elam ( or Melanie Carrel (

Financial Aid Presentation by INvestEd- Tuesday, September 13th

Mark your calendars for a Financial Aid Presentation on Tuesday, Sept. 13th at 6:30 p.m. in the BHS Auditorium. INvestEd will be here to present on financial aid and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). We hope to see many students and families there!

Parent-Teacher Conferences, October 5 & 6

BHS families and teachers will meet for conferences on Wednesday October 5 (between 2:30pm and 6:30pm) and Thursday, October 6 (3pm – 7pm). Conferences will be offered in-person or virtual, via Zoom. Families should expect an email from your student’s teachers later this month with a link to reserve a conference time.
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Lanyard Policy

Per Student Handbook:

School issued lanyards and ID cards must be displayed properly at all times when students are on the BHS campus. Faculty, staff, students and all visitors must present a lanyard and ID at all times. This simple measure is designed to help with our security measures at BHS to ensure a safe environment. Lanyards are designed to be worn around the neck with the ID card in plain view. If a student has their lanyard and ID badge but fails to have it on, they will be advised and given the opportunity to comply with this reasonable request to display their ID. Repeated occurrences or failure to comply will result in a disciplinary action assignment by the Team Office.

If a student has lost or defaced their ID card, they must get a replacement. Cost for replacing the ID card is three dollars ($3.00) and replacement lanyards are two dollars ($2.00). These may be purchased in the main office. Student ID cards should not be given to another person at any time. Lanyard and ID checks will be performed in a routine fashion. Students who do not have their lanyard and/or ID card with them will be directed to report to their respective Team Office to receive a temporary lanyard. ID cards are necessary for access to the Media Center, computer usage and printing, admission to school dances, lunch accounts, and other important functions at BHS. Failure to have your ID card may also result in the loss of some privileges.

Dress Code Reminder

Clothing should be so constructed and worn in a manner that is not unduly revealing. Tops that may NOT be worn include tank tops, muscle shirts, tube tops, halter tops, backless shirts, tops with spaghetti straps, sheer or fishnet shirts, and cut-offs or other tops which show midriff. Plunging neck lines and excessive exposure is not acceptable. Our gauge for necklines will be 4"; the length of four fingers. All shorts, skirts, and pants should not be unduly revealing, using the fingertip rule as a guide.

Students who are in violation of our BHS dress code will be sent to the team office to put on school-assigned attire or call a parent/guardian to bring them a change of clothes.

Hats, sweatbands, and bandanas are not to be worn in the building. Students who wear hooded sweatshirts are not permitted to wear the hoods. Any new "fads" in clothing or anything specifically covered in the above guidelines, which is considered inappropriate dress shall be dealt with at the discretion of an administrator/designee.

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School Meals No Longer Free Without Qualified Application in 2022-23 - APPLY NOW

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees all school meal programs throughout the country. The USDA waiver program that allowed BCSC to offer free meals has expired. Families may qualify for free or reduced meals and may apply through an online application.

The free and reduced-price meal application for the 2022-23 school year is now available. School meals had been covered by the USDA waiver for the last two school years so it is very important that anyone who thinks they may qualify for assistance fill out the application as soon as possible. Please complete one application per household. Approval could also have an impact on the assessment of curricular material fees or other billing items throughout the year.

CLICK HERE to complete the free and reduced meal application.

CLICK HERE to see meal prices for the 2022-2023 school year.

Please contact Nutrition Services at (317) 852-5726 x2095 or ​with any questions.

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Team 2023 Contact Information

Assistant Principal - Dale Sharpe,, ext. 1720

Guidance Counselor A-K - Seth Ragsdale,, ext. 1702

Guidance Counselor L-Z - Sarah Mahan,, ext. 1703

College & Career Advisor - Joni Martin,, ext. 1916

Academic Coach - Carlos Calero,, ext. 1704
Administrative Assistant - Jamie Tewell,, ext. 1701