Gas Chambers

By: Georgia Zarella

Overview of Gas Chambers

In 1939 the use of Gas chambers came into play. The Nazis used it as a strategy to end peoples lives because they were "unworthy" of living. Essentially it was apart of the systemic murder. Gas chambers were a quick and easy way to kill people chemically. In 1942, They used stationary gas chambers at Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec, camps that were all located in Poland. The Victims were told they were told they were just going into shower and fit as many people as they possibly can into the space. They raised there arms to cram people in and after all the victims were settled they would lock them in and release the killing chemicals. Within about thirty seconds they would all suffocate and die instantly. The Nazis soon began to experiment with chemicals and quickly became an extremely effective and popular way to exterminate Jews in the camps. Approximately 6,000 were killed everyday.
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Picture Explanations

This is a picture shows what the gas chambers looked like and shows how there is truly no escape when getting locked inside.

The picture above this shows the large groups that would all die at once and how they were very uncared for.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Gas Chamber Scene

The Boy In the Little Stripped Pjs

This scene from the movie shows what it would be like for one to experience getting put into the gas chambers at the camp.