London Woods

Bringing encouragement, kindness, and inspiration to all!


London (also know as LT) strives to be a very optimistic and encouraging person. He loves almost all music, even country, and will give all music a chance. He loves to sing, dance a little, act, and play his saxophone in band. He doesn't mind writing in his spare time whenever some words come to mind and loves to be different and admires peoples unique talents and abilities.

Live for others

London loves to be apart of helping others. He likes community service and doing charity work with the key club. Helping others in whatever is a blessing for him.

Did You Know..

I believe..

London is a christian and believes in God with all of his heart. He is no where near perfect and has many flaws, as well as everyone else, but he doesn't judge anyone for their beliefs and other things.

"Just remember that life may seem hard now, but sooner or later, it shall get better!"