7th Grade Math

First Two Weeks!

Flipped Classroom

Students logged into EDpuzzle.com on Monday this week. EDpuzzle is a website that houses interactive video lessons to help students learn new concepts. Each of these lessons was designed and created by the 7th grade math teachers at CLMS. By watching lessons at night, students are given the opportunity to practice extra examples, work on assignments, participate in hands on activities and be able to get their questions answered during the learning process. In-class time is now focused on students practicing new math concepts.

Log In Information

1) Go to edpuzzle.com

2) Select LOG IN in the upper right hand corner.

3) Choose STUDENT in the pop up window

4) Choose GOOGLE in the pop up window (use school email if information is requested)

5) Find the video you wish to view and enjoy!

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Number Talks

To begin each class period, students participate in a Number Talk. Number Talks are short 5 minute routines in which students reason mentally with numbers. The goal is to increase students' number sense, explain their thinking and develop new strategies for working with numbers. Below are examples of a few Number Talks we have completed in class. Ask your student to explain their strategy for finding the number of dots.

Classroom Expectations

Throughout these first two weeks, we have taken the time to learn and review the five expectations students need to follow to build a positive learning culture. Please also note the consequences that will be followed when students do not meet expectations.