2nd Grade Happenings

September 7, 2017

Welcome to 2nd Grade! I hope that your child has enjoyed this first week of 2nd Grade as much as I have! We are slowly learning the routines of 2nd Grade.

I would like to welcome 3 new students to our class this year - Michael Mobuogwu, Emily Schelling and Max Schumacher. They are a great addition and everyone has been so welcoming!

Curriculum Night

Next Thursday, starting at 6:30 is the school's curriculum night. Everyone will meet in the gym at 6:30 to learn about all the exciting things happening at St. MIchael's this school year. Then at 7:00 you will go to your child's classroom to find out more about that class. If you have more than 1 student at St. Michael's the teacher will repeat the same information at 7:30.
Curriculum Night is also the night that you can sing up to volunteer in the classroom.


This is a reminder that your child needs a bible for 2nd Grade. If you haven't bought one, the cost is $20.00. You can send the money with your child and I will make sure they get one.

If you are unable to purchase one, please let me know and we will make sure that your child gets one.

These bibles are used in grades 2-5 and for their Sacramental Prep classes.


I'm sure by now that you have heard that your child has an insect that they get to take care of and watch it grow! You can look forward to more updates in the upcoming weeks. You are welcome to stop my the classroom before or after school to see the mealworms.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, September 9th - All-School Mass 9:00
  • Friday, September 15th - All-School Mass 9:00
  • Monday, September 18th - Mass of the Holy Spirit at Saint Martin's University - 10:30
  • Friday, September 22nd - All-School Mass 9:00
  • Friday, September 29th - All-School Mass 9:00
  • Friday, September 29th - Passport Check