Invasive Species In North Carolina

By Haleigh & Loryanna

Tree of Heaven ( Scientific Name- Ailanthus Altissima )

Though its name makes it sound heavenly, Tree-of-Heaven is no angel.

Type of Oragnism.

A Plant

County or Area of orgin

The Tree of Heaven is originally from China, it was first introduced to North America in 1742 and was first planted in Hawaii in 1924.

The map below shows the counties the tree is found in North Carolina.

How did the organism spread to other areas?

Seeds spread out by wind and water. Then start to grow at a rapid speed.

How far has it spread?

42 states in North Carolina have The Tree of Heaven. Almost all of the counties in North Carolina have the tree.

What type of damage has it done in North Carolina?

A 2003 study in North Carolina found the tree of heaven was present. The roots also aggressive enough to cause damage to subterranean sewers and pipes.

Management Plan

North Carolina State University recommends recommends to cut down the large trees with a chainsaw. If seed visible on the tree cut limbs, collect and bag these and dispose of in heavy garbage bag so they do not sprout. Hand pulling is very effective on very young seedlings. Plants should be pulled as soon as they are large enough to grasp. Seedlings are best pulled after a rain when soil is loose. The entire root must be removed since broken fragments may re-sprout.

Source of Management plan