I am a good person and I believe that I was born on Earth to do something that will make a difference. I believe everyone is here for that reason. The thing I love to do most is be a mom. I love kids especially mine and I want to become a pediatrician. So I want to help kids whether if they're sick or if its just for a check up. I want to make a difference in a childs life. I want to be a role model for them. I am also a good family person. My family trusts me to watch their kids and that makes me feel good because of all my cousins they choose me.

I may have been sent here to care for children and not for just my own but for the communities as well. For me, working with children makes me feel happy because they are just full of energy and really alert of what is going on around them. So my genius is that I care about the lives of little ones. But I am also a good drawer. :)


There are a lot of things that break my heart. I am a sensitive person and I hate seeing people in pain. It really does break my heart when I see someone who is hurt or is dying. Even on T.V, the things I see that hurt my heart. Like animals that are suffering, I hate that. What also breaks my heart is when my daughter is getting shots. I hate seeing her cry because she is in pain.

I also hate seeing kids getting abused. The stories I hear about about the children's getting abused is so heartless. It breaks my heart to see that especially if it is the parents who are the abusers. Seeing people cry makes me cry. Its sad that not everyone is happy, it’s sad that this world is tearing apart.. I would just really love to see peace. These things just break my heart.


My biggest fear is that I will lose the people that I love. Nothing else means anything more than my family. If I lose my job, oh well but if I lose a loved one, that’s like losing a part of my heart. There is nothing that can replace your family or family member because you only have one. They will always be there for you no matter what and they are the ones who you should feel the most comfortable with. Your family are the people you can go to for help or anything else thats on your mind.

There will always be new best friends, no boyfriends, new cell phones, or whatever else you may be afraid of losing. But losing a family member is the biggest fear everyone should have or it should be number 1 on their list. Family is everything and I always put my family first.


My biggest dream is to have a great non stressful life. Life, I know will never be easy but I would really love to be able to work my hardest to become a Pediatrician and provide for my family. I want a life for my kids to be way better than what I had. I mean I had a good life but I wasn’t always able to get what I wanted or sometimes needed because times were hard. My dreams, I hope will come true. I’m not asking for much. But I know that it won’t just be given to me, I’ll have to play my part and work hard to accomplish my dreams but it’s something I’m willing to do.