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What is 3D printing

3D printing is a new technology. 3D printing uses a liquid material and makes it into a shape or structure of your choosing. 3D printing can also makes bones and other body parts so it is also big in the health world

Medical Usage

3D printing has started too make its way into the Medical and Health Scene. 3D printers can make body parts custom made for a person in a cheaper easier way. So far doctors have 3D printed organs bones and even skin.
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Here are some cool 3D prints

AMAKER 3D printer in action - Multi Color 3D printing
This is a video of how 3d printing works


3D printing is also making a scene in the fashion world with printed clothing. This is a easier and more futuristic look instead of hand sown clothing.
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3D Printed homes

3D printing has also came to the housing industry. This is the first 3D printed house in the world. This house is made out of plastic and a few strong molds and fabrics. 3D printing could help increase the speed in which houses can be built.
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3d Printed Food

3D printing has also evolved to the food area. 3D printers are using sugar, chocolate and other food making products to make different types of food. This can eliminate product lines and make less unused material.