Coding through Gaming

Scottie Go! DOJO

Coding as a second language

In this digital age, coding is quickly becoming a necessary second language for young learners. It is important for children to understand and be able to work with the technology around them. More than that, coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence.

Learning coding does not have to be complicated - it can start at any age! One of the best ways we've found to introduce coding is through gaming. It keeps the child engaged while still teaching them the foundations of this essential skill.

This week, we're exploring coding through gaming with our partners at Scottie Go! They're offering our TechTerra readers an exclusive free sample of their latest product, Scottie Go! DOJO.

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What is Scottie Go?

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to the Scottie Go! World. Scottie is a robot whose ship collided with an astroid and the different parts fell to Earth. Scottie needs help collecting the pieces to his broken spaceship so he can continue his mission.

Users create a code for Scottie to follow, using tangible real-life coding pieces, scan the code with a connected device and watch Scottie enact their code on screen. The levels vary from easy to difficult. Scottie Go! is a great tool for learners across ages.


Scottie Go! DOJO Free Sample

As promised, Scottie Go! is offering a free print out sample to use alongside their Scottie Go! DOJO app. Just print and cut out the coding pieces attached below, download the free app, and you're ready to go.

Scottie Go! DOJO was created for use in schools alongside their full line of Scottie Go! products. There are currently three Scottie Go! products available for purchase: Scottie Go! EDU for students grades 3rd-12th (featured in the video), Scottie Go! Basic for younger learners, and Scottie Go! Magnetic tiles best suited for group learning situations. Follow this link to find out more about the full line up.

Still looking for more?

Be on the lookout for more STEM activities and resources next week.

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