Ready for PE

We gather at 0745 on Monday

Final arrangements for departure on Monday

Dear Grade Six Extended Parents,

Expedition Week to Telunas is nearly upon us! We’re sure the excitement of the camp is rising at home and you are ready to send your child on what is expected to be an amazing adventure.

Please take time to read the friendly reminders below:

1. On Monday, 9th February please ensure your child has a good breakfast before coming to school. You will also need to ensure that your child is wearing sunscreen and insect repellent. For children who suffer with travel sickness please ensure that medication has been taken in time for our journey.

2. Students will need to be gathered with their bags, at the High School Hall (next to the church) for registration. They need to visit the toilets before departure. There will be a teacher in the hall from 7.45 am at a registration desk, please sign your child in on arrival Please be there no later than 8 am, bus will leave at 8.15 am sharp.

3. The children should have a daypack to take on the bus with them. (Their big bags will be stored in the cargo-hold of the bus). Inside the daypack should be

  • bug repellent,
  • sunscreen,
  • a broad brimmed hat (a school hat is fine),
  • a raincoat (a cheap one from 7-11 is fine)
  • a filled leak proof water bottle (water only please)
  • a small healthy snack is also permitted for when we have a bathroom stop en route to Batam.
  • a sweater or cardigan if your child is likely to feel cold on the bus or ferry.

4. No electrical items should be taken on the expedition - this includes mobile phone, Ipods, Ipads and Kindles.

5. We will be in regular contact with the school office and they will keep you informed about the days events via a daily text message, this will arrive at different times according to our itinerary and telephone connectivity.

6. Our estimated return to school on Friday, 13th February is at 2 p.m. We would appreciate you being on time to collect your child from the HS fountain area.

Thank you for all of your preparations in getting your child ready for the expedition. The children have been encouraged to be independent and use the kit list to collect and lay out their packing. Please check they have not forgotten anything and then ask them to pack their own bags also ensuring that all items are labelled.

We are all looking forward to this week and are sure everyone is going to come back with many exciting and memorable stories.

Please note that your payments for this expedition are being processed today.

Kind regards,

Neil Corrigan

Upper Elementary School Coordinator