Why always models skinny and tall


Why do models models have to be tall and skinny? You have to be tall to be a model. Models are always pretty on the runway. Models also usually skinny.There are a lots of beauty standards for models.

The reason why models are skinny.

Models are skinny because a model. In 2006, after stepping off the runway. 22-year old model Luisel Ramos died of anorexia-related heart failure. People were outraged they demanded that fashion executives re-evaluate their hiring practices. None-the-less we find today that it has been ten years and run way models are still not getting heavier or healther . For a fact minimum height for a female model is 5'8 to 6" feet tall to be a suessfull. You have to be about 115 pounds and your waist has to be a about 22" to 26" inches. Your hips have to about 33" to 35" inches and your bust has to be about 32" to 36" inches.

The reason why average height femalescant be models.

The reason why average height females cant be models

you have to be 5'8" to 6"feet tall to be a successful in the modeling industry. An average height female can't be successful. An average height female wouldn't make it that long as a model. If you want to be a model your age has to about 16" to 20 years old.

why models are always pretty on the runway

Models are always pretty on the runway. Models are very pretty on the runway because some some are not very pretty without makeup. And on the runway they wan't people to think that never have a bad hair day. One of the new flaws for models is a gap in the middle there teeth. Some people think pretty and some just don't.
That is why models are tall and skinny. This will tell you why are really tall. Here is the reason models are so pretty on the runway. And also usually skinny on the runway. This tells you why model a have lots of beauty standards.