IMTC KG-A Newsletter

Ms. Serena Thomas and Mrs. Aksa Alex

Week of March 6th

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- Lent Season

- Sunday School Competitions

- Upcoming Birthdays

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- Telling the Easter Story

- Family Activity Guide

- Gratitude Journal

Lent Season

The church season of Lent is a wonderful time to start weekly family devotions. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and lasts forty days (not including the Sundays). Sundays excluded because those are the days we remember Jesus’ resurrection. Every Sunday is a little celebration of Easter and thus a time of joy. Historically during Lent, the Christian church has recognized this as a time to deliberately bring oneself closer to God. Individuals and groups have engaged in Bible study, in mission and service, and in fasting to prepare themselves for Easter. The 40 days of Lent are symbolic of Jesus’ time in the wilderness before he began his ministry. During that time, he was tempted; but he stayed true to God. We hope to share few scripture reading and activities that will hopefully help you have a family time of devotion for the weeks of lent.

Topic: The Meaning of the Cross

Scripture: Scripture: John 12:20-33

Symbol: Cross

Discussion & Activity: Read together John 12:20-33. This is a very difficult passage for us to understand. Jesus is telling his followers that he must die, but that his death will give life to others. Sometimes it is hard for us to talk about Jesus dying on the cross. Because we know that he rose from the dead, we sometimes try to skip over his death. But this was what he was willing to do for people to know of God’s love and care for all.

Pass around the cross. Feel each part of the cross. Recall that the cross on which Jesus died was not a smooth, beautiful object like the ones we wear today. Think about the pain that was part of Jesus’ cross. Ask each person in the family to say how it makes them feel to talk about Jesus dying on the cross. Remind one another that we use the sign of the cross to remember Jesus even today.

A food that is part of the Lenten season is Hot Cross Buns. You can bake these using prepared cinnamon roll dough or bread dough. Add a cross of white sugar frosting to the tops of the rolls. Eat these as a reminder that Jesus died so that all might know God.

Take time for family members to say how they are doing with what they have added to and given up in their life.

Sunday School Competitions

For the upcoming Southwest Regional Competition Kindergartner's have been given the song " His Banner Over Me is Love". Will find out if there is a specific version that they prefer.

The children have to prepare the same song for the Sunday School Competition too. The winner's from both KG classes based on their scores will be going into regional's.

Most information coming next week for other competitions.

Upcoming Birthday's

Daniel Chacko has a birthday coming up on March 20th and Arush John has a birthday coming up on March 30th. Wishing them both the very best on their birthday and in the coming year.

Last Week's Lesson

Bible story lesson covered last week

Jesus Calms the Storm

Few related questions. Please ask children to finish the coloring at the end of the lesson.

Who was on the boat?

Jesus and his disciples were on the boat.

What was Jesus doing when the storm started?
Jesus was sleeping on the boat when the storm started.

Why were the disciples afraid?
The disciples were afraid because they felt they were going to drown due to the heavy storm and strong waves in the sea.

What did Jesus do after the disciples woke him up?

Jesus spoke to the wind and the sea and asked them be still.

What should you do the next time you are afraid?

We have to pray to God and have faith in him that he will take care of us.

Memory verse

Mathew 8:26b

"He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a dead calm"

Telling the Easter Story

This little storyteller will warm your heart

Family Activity Guide

This month's activity guide revolves around Hope – Believing that something good can come out of something bad.

Here is the link to the related activity sheet.

Big Idea Experience: Hope

Thank You Book or Gratitude Book

The idea is to encourage children to draw and write at least one thing they are thankful for during the week and share it every week with the class. Please encourage and remind them to bring it to class every week. They can decorate the outside of the book anyway they like with stickers or tape etc.

This concept is taken from the Hawn foundation started by Goldie Hawn. This is basically to remind children as they grow older about all the blessings they have in their life. America as a country is seeing children who start to get very stressed out and depressed as they grow older and these little things like the gratitude book remind them of the blessings they have in their life. So please encourage them to participate actively.