By: William Greenfield and Nicole Levy


As the 1850's rolled through, the slaves were first depicted in a violent and inhumane setting. As time passed, the darker images were less common and replaced by images of slaves and the white society interacting in a peaceful manner.

Nicole Levy

1. Aside from the obvious ideas, like white supremacy and the extreme distinction between races, the pictures also depict different messages based on who its audience is. For example, in story books for children, slaves are portrayed friendlier than in images from books for adults where, in some cases, like "Oh My Child My Child", scenes filled with violence are shown to create a sense of evil between the slave owner and his slave. Other themes, like how children white children view the adult slaves as friendly can be observed. The differentiation between a child's perspective and that of an adult's.

2. The most surprising thing about the images were, aside from the great variety, the extreme detail in within each one. Whether it be in a gruesome manner or otherwise found in the color, each picture had a very unique story to tell hidden within small details of the picture.