Gruening News

August 14, 2020

When will students know their schedules

Students may access their 2020 schedule through their Zangle (Q) account on August 17th. Schedules were built using the student course request from last spring. If we have an unusual situation, we will reach out to you via phone later this week. Please be patient with our team as you discuss any course changes that need to be made.

Open House

Gruening will be hosting a virtual Open House on August 18th. Please look for a link on the 18th to watch our short introduction video.

Day 1

On the first day of school, August 20th, students will receive an orientation for each of their three classes, along with an overview of the first two weeks of curriculum. The link for Zoom meetings will be in Canvas. For the first Zoom meetings, staff will also email the link to parents just in case students are having trouble navigating Canvas before teacher instruction.

Class Format

  1. Each class will be approximately 90 minutes long with at least 30 minutes of that time done via zoom as direct lesson from their teacher. Attendance will be taken during the first ten minutes of each class. Students are expected to stay in the Zoom sessions the entire time of instruction.
  2. When we are in the High Risk Designation (like we are now) students will meet via zoom FOUR days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday These classes will meet on a regular Bell Schedule which is attached below.
  3. We are currently in a High Risk COVID model, which means school will begin online August 20th using Zoom lessons and CANVAS for class work. Please watch for emails early next week with Zoom Session invites for each course.
  4. The students will have to log into each of their three classes, which will be on a bell schedule each of the four days for attendance and instruction from their teachers.=
  5. The goal of having classes taught at the same time each day (synchronously) will build consistency and stability for the students, teachers and families. When we get to move back into the school, the bell schedule will remain the same.
  6. Wednesdays will be used for asynchronous work(students work on their own). Students will be working on the assignments the teachers put on their Canvas Shells. Teachers may require students to attend some study sessions. Teachers will also use this time to reach out to students and parents.
  7. You should have gotten two emails regarding technology needs. If you need a chromebook or internet connectivity please contact the school via 742-3600. We will put you on the list and the district will let you know when and where the device will be delivered.
  8. Students will have two core and one elective each quarter.

The Bell Schedule is the same one we will use when students are here in the school. We have decided to follow it in order to create a routine for students which will transfer into the classroom.

Big picture

Canvas for parents/guardians

Canvas is a learning management system used by ASD teachers to offer personalized content and learning paths to students. Canvas Parent Observer accounts allow parents to see student progress in Canvas-hosted courses, monitoring grades and assignments. Please click on the button below for step-by-step instructions.

Canvas for students

Canvas is an Online Classroom

Canvas is an online classroom. When in-person school is not open due to COVID-19, students log into Canvas to receive instruction, do their assignments, and receive their graded work from their teachers. When a student does their work in Canvas, they are doing “school at home”.

All teachers will be instructing in Canvas, and all students will be learning in Canvas—it’s the virtual online platform for learning. Work done in Canvas is not supplemental or optional--it is required and is graded, just like in-school work is required and graded in a regular classroom.

Parents can also see their student’s progress, their assignments, and monitor their grades with Canvas Parent Observer.

How students access Canvas

1--Follow this link or Google “ASD Canvas Login” and click the first link.

2--Next, sign in the way you normally would to access your student GoogleDocs, which is with your Anchorage School District username (lastname.firstname) and password (student ID number for most students).

3--You must agree to the terms, and then it should take you to the dashboard of your Canvas classes. If you have any problems, you can email the teacher for the class you are trying to enter/join.

Assessment and retention

Students will do an online assessment on August 26th and September 2nd, which will allow us to assess student skills in language arts and math. This information will be used to confirm correct course placement and to guide staff instruction. Many families have shared concerns about the loss of math skills during the quarters when students are not in math courses. The students will be able to access a "smart skills program," which will use their test data to provide targeted lessons for your child to keep their skills sharp or even progress during their off quarter.

New Teachers

  • Jackie Larson - Physical Education/Health
  • Shane Logan - Social Studies/Language Arts (Grizzly Team)
  • Meg Watson - Language Arts (Summit Team)
  • Laura Storrs is back! - Choir
  • Tawny Wright - Affective Skills

Lunches while we are at high risk

ASD will be offering lunch for students this year even in the high-risk model. Due to federal requirements, we are required to have families apply for free and reduced meals which are different than the model we were under this summer. Families will order lunch for the week for their students. I will have more information about pick up days, times, and how to order in advance soon.

Chromebooks and Wifi

If your student needs a Chromebook for school the detailed information is in the link below. Please email Mrs. Parsons at

School Supplies

The things that your child will need to start while we are in a virtual setting are a binder, paper, pens, a tablet or computer, headphones and a quiet space to participate in zoom lessons during the school day.


ASD will not offer middle school sports while we are in the high-risk model. I hope that students can find ways to get outside and be active while social distancing during our lovely weather.