~Visit Washington D.C.!~

~Come to Washington D.C.~

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Does walking around the white house seem to catch your eye. Well if so come to Washington D.C.!You can walk 68 square miles around a beautiful city.
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The city is located south of Maryland,north of Virginia,and 233 miles south of New York City. Maryland and Virginia are Washington D.C.'s border states. Washington D.C. is in the district of Columbia. Its by the south Atlantic. The absolute location of Washington D.C. is 38º N,77º 03'W

Human and physical Characteristics

The language of Washington D.C. is English.The population is 601,723.The climate in Washington D.C high temp is 64.8ºf. The low temp is 46.6ºf. The average temp is 55.7ºf. The rain fall is 40.78 inch. The Potomac river is right by Washington D.C.


The white house is in Washington D.C. people in Washington D.C are very wealthy.

other information

At its highest elevation near the national cathedral, it rises 390 feet. Its lowest elevation is at sea level,on the banks of the Potomac river. The city was founded in 1971,Georgetown which is one of the city's most famous neighborhoods,was founded before Washington D.C in 1971. Before Washington D.C became the capital of the US,the other cities that served as the capital include New york city, Philadelphia, and Annapolis.


The D.C area's air quality has gotten better in the last 15 years,But there is still a lot of work to be done,according to the american why association annual "states of the air" report.


Immigrants,Latinos, and Asians , account for growing shares of the economy and electorate in Washington d.c about 1 in 7 Washingtonians are immigrants (foreign-born),and mone than a third of them are naturalized U.S citizens who are eligible.