Design Technology 9th Grade Final

MLC - Core 5 Rashel Wagner

This is all the work I did in tech class

I worked very hard on each and every tech project that I did. The time I had to do these projects in were reasonable, and after each one I reflected on how well I completed each project. (Picture Creds -Bit-emoji in which I created an avatar)


The first thing we did when we got into tech was work on creating a mindmap about us.This was to have our teacher get to know us a bit better as well as understand our selves. We put six things about us and carried on to go off those topics. Now I was not able to find my mindmap but it was huge and I had so much information about myself in it. At the beginning of the term I was struggling to hand things in however I did hand this in but I did not download it as a jpg image and it came out all small and pixel like. I did not complete the country mindmap either or submit it due to personal reasons
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Animated gifs

After the mindmaps we created animated gifs. We could create anything we wanted and I chose to do mine on saying no to self harm for my first one and for my second one I made it random.

These are the two links to to the animated gifs I created

This was my first animated gif but it was good good Mrs. Malloy graded it as a complex one.

This gif was really personal to me because I have struggled with self harm and I wanted to make something positive in-case I felt like self harming I had this to look back on

This was my second gif which is less complex but I worked very hard on it

This was when it was the first day of spring and I was really happy about it

I didn't create a reflection for the gif but I think the final came out good!

Color Theory Table

In this assignment we were asked to pick a logo and find one for each color of the rainbow and we made a chart. We also had to find and label the hex #
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For this assignment we had to find pictures of what find positive. We used to PBIS and we fit the pictures into the letters.
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Mental Health Project

This was my favorite thing we did this year. Suicide is a big part in my life and it is not a mental illness however it has to do with depression and or anorexia. We had to have a positive spin on these things as well as have a message for those who have or want to attempt suicide. I am struggling with depression and i loved doing this.
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3 things I learned

  1. How to edit it photoshop
  2. You can turn negative things into a positive outook
  3. Pictures speak what words cannot

Hi Mrs. Malloy

If you are reading this then you're checking up on me and I will have the link to my new s'more here: