Healthy Happy Hour

You're Invited to learn about Clean-Eating and Detoxing

Hello Friends !

I am so excited to share with you an incredible opportunity to jump start your health with our 28 Day Clean Eating Group! I would love for you to join us in this group, starting May 13th!

Whether you are looking to detox, get in shape for summer, change your eating habits or all of the above and more, this group is PERFECT for you!

We will be facilitating and participating in a 28 Day program that was created to detoxify the body, eliminate allergenic, acidic and addictive foods, and promote/assist with clean eating. The participants in previous groups have lost weight & inches, gained energy & clarity & lost the brain fog so many of us have due to the foods we eat.

The program will include meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, daily online support, & will be powered by Arbonne's vegan, gluten free, botanically based health & wellness products!

Join us for a Healthy Happy Hour and learn more about the program!
Wednesday, May 6th- 6:30pm

If you would like more information or know of people who would be interested, please let me know! Looking forward to a fantastic group on a mission to health & wellness!


Join us

Wednesday, May 6th, 6:30pm

Wilton, CT, United States

Wilton, CT

We will watch a short video presentation with all the details and then sample products and answer any questions.


Physical Signs of Toxicity and Imbalance

Bloating Gallbladder Issues

Acid Reflux Hot Flashes

Acne Hypoglycemia

Allergies Inability to Lose Weight

Anger Issues Indigestion

Anxiety Inflammation

Autoimmune Disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Blocked Arteries Itchy Skin

Blood Sugar Issues Joint Pain

Brain Fog Low Libido

Cellulite Menopausal Symptoms

Chronic Fatigue Migraines

Constipation Mood Swings

Dark Circles Under Eyes Overheating

Decreased Metabolism PMS

Depression Poor Concentration

Disturbed Sleep Pot Belly

Elevated LDL, Reduced HDL Rosacea

Excessive Sweating Slow Digestion

Fatty Liver Sugar Cravings

Fibromyalgia Type 2 Diabetes

Food and Chemical Sensitivies Weight Gain

Michele Klink, Arbonne Independent Consultant

Pure, Safe & Beneficial Skincare and Nutrition.

Discover the amazing products that are Botanically Based , Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, PETA approved and they REALLY WORK !

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