No one left?

By: Midori Pedroza

What will eventually happen to buildings

Well the walls a concrete would start to rust and eventually they would crack and one day they will eventually break down. And it doesn't help that the rain keeps coming and there is nothing to support it any more. Many other builds and homes will do that then if one building falls on top to another one it will be like dominoes and keep going on till the surroundings of buildings come down. This will most likely happen in New York because there are so many huge buildings. The world would basically look like the walking dead with the walking dead.

what will happen to the mature and animals?

The nature will basically take back what was once all of theirs and so the land will be once again all grass and plants. So many plats will grow on builds and grow across the streets and spread out to were ever they want. The animals will be able to run freely and will learn to take care of themselves and not rely on humans. But animals running free also means there will be more predators out there and much pray. Some animals may even become extinct.
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There would be people trying to destroy it and animals can finally run freely with out being hunted my humans. The grassy land wont be mowed with a lawn more. The most they will get to being cut is by some wild animal.
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The Climate will be cooler since not a many people will be on the land and it wont be crowded. The climate will also just be all over the place it will not be controlled like now how we have weather people to tell us what we have ahead of us. The climate will change on its own

More of what?

Now that there is no more humans left the food resources will go up because the humans are not eating and wasting away will the food. there will be much more water for he animals and plants.

Non huaman speices

Scientist say some other animal could possibly try developing a brain like the humans. They may be able to be the next humans but with fur and paws. Eventually it could happen. Humans don't have to be the only thinkers. All brains work the same, some are just more developed then others. For example the dolphins are proven to have a more developed than humans.
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A World Without Humans,The Aftermath Of Mankind Leaving This Planet