By: Shelby Smith

Starting Salary


Education Required

One-Two years post secondary training.

Additional Skills

Must be able to comunicate, get along with children and adults, and must have patience.


Employment of photographers is expected to increase about as fast as the average for all occupations through 2014. Demand for portrait photographers should increase as the population grows.

Potential for Advancement

You could start off as an assistant to a well known photographer and develop a name for yourself. Then once you are well known you could have your own studio and hire people out.

Places to find a Job/Position

You can apply at any public photo studio such as ones at JC Pennys and Sears. You may also ask a local photographer if you could assit them.

Additional Information

  • a commercial photographer will take pictures that are used in books, advertisements and catalogs.

  • a scientific photographer will use his or her knowledge of scientific procedures to take pictures of scientific or medical data.

  • a photojournalist will capture images of newsworthy people and events. These images are usually used to illustrate stories on television or in newspapers or magazines, but sometimes they tell the entire story on their own.

  • a portrait photographer will take pictures of people, either individually or in groups, in studios or at events such as weddings or religious ceremonies. Some take school portraits.

Why im interested.

I love taking pictures because photography is like a time capsule. Once the button has been pushed the picture has been taken and that memory is captured and even if one day the memories start to fade there will always be that picture. Photography is about telling stories and more importantly protecting memories. With a camera you can protect YOUR memory of a scene. You can also preserve that memory for generations to come.