Southern Prep

Marlee Cribb & Nick Hood

Southern Prep

Preppy style is a classy, timeless way of dress. It is an upperclass, neat and polished look. When you add the "south" to the preppy style, you get the southern charm look to it. In two of the images below, the boys are seen wearing blazer coats with button down shirts, bow tie's or a regular tie, and "short shorts" also known as "chubby's". Seersucker suits, hats and shorts are also popular, as seen on Chuck Bass below. More teens our age wear bow tie's, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, Sperry Topsider shoes, Bean Boots and a wide selection of "preppy" name brand apparel. For some teens, "sport style" or the "basic style" just isn't for them, that's when the preppy style takes part. The preppy style is seen more in the southern states and in southern towns. It is also very common in Sorority's and Fraternity's. It's all about where they come from and what they prefer. It's a way for them to feel good about themselves in their own way. It's not just a style, it's a way of life.

Examples of "Preppy" Name Brands

Examples of "Preppy" Style Clothing

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