Team Meadow Update

The Last Few Days Before Summer!

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The Week Ahead:

Team Meadow -

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

I'm including a number of reminders in this update, so please read the sections below carefully. We want to make sure everything is "buttoned up" and in order before any depart for the summer.

But first, let's go back a bit.


Thanks to everyone that made this past week so successful at so many levels. It was encouraging to see so many of you with high expectations remaining intact for learning and rich experiences. I'm so thankful to be in a space where we don't have to have the hard talks about shutting school down too early and showing videos or "checking out" of learning. Your attitudes and hopes are contagious to these little people, and this past week was rife with beauty, creative thought, and celebration. This was evidenced as I visited spaces and scanned the Twitter feeds. I captured a few of the photos to place in this past week's Friday Flyer as a reminder to families that "we still got it goin' on!"

  • Market Day
  • IDOE/STEM visit
  • STEM Olympics
  • Fossil Explorations
  • Young Authors
  • Fourth Grade Celebrations
  • Math Clubs
  • RACE Day
  • PBLs
  • ETC...

Way to go, TEAM MEADOW! Bravo!

I know you will make the most of your time with your little humans on Tuesday.

These last few days:

Monday (5/27): Memorial Day - School Closed

Tuesday (5/28): Last Day of School

Fourth Grade Walk @ end of day- Following tradition, we will call for classes to gather in the hallways for a proper sendoff for our oldest students. The walk will begin at 2:20, so we will begin announcements around 2:15 to have classes begin moving to their positions.

  • Fourth gradePlease line up at the top of the stairs (by class, teacher in front of his/her students) outside of Jill Neal’s class. When music begins to play, start walking down the stairs and escort students to door 7/bus lot. When we get outside, we’ll give you a few minutes to give those hugs and high fives.
  • Third Grade – Your classes will line the hallway across from the gym restrooms to art/music room-door 7.
  • First Grade - Please line your hallway.
  • Second Grade – You will be positioned along the hallway around the computer lab area (area where lunch tubs are often placed to café/BAC doors toward gym)
  • Kindergarten – You will be at the end of the first grade hallway as it wraps the corner outside my office windows, lifeline board, Sloan’s office toward water fountain/restrooms. (Please note a couple other important items for Kindy: (1) please have all car riders ready to go where the 1st grade hall intersects the window outside my office. Will and Garrett – can you be positioned nearby so you can help escort them out as soon as we finish? (2) BAC (Kindy) need to meet AJ & Mrs. T at the water fountains next to Kristi’s office so they can get them to BAC.)

All - Once the 4th graders have exited, you may dismiss car riders to the front of the building while staff holds bus riders in the hallway. Once car riders have left, all remaining staff will bring the bus riders to the buses to say their summer farewell. Those not assisting with car riders are encouraged to stay at buses until they roll. We will then send off with waves and cheers!

Wednesday (5/29)– It is our last workday for teachers. We will provide lunch for us to eat around 11:00. After lunch, if your work is completed, you are free to go. The morning is for you to work in your room, student reports, checklist items, etc…

Have a great remainder to your Memorial Day weekend,


Before you leave...

There are a few tasks/items to tend to before you leave for the summer.

Tasks to be completed before summer departure:

  1. Complete ZCS Certified End of Year Checklist (be certain to “submit” when completed)
  2. Finalize any RtI documentation on any student on RtI this year
  3. Return Crisis Team/Evacuation backpacks to office—(Do not leave in classroom; Line in numerical order between Tom and Lauren's office before you leave. #1 to begin outside Tom's door)
  4. Turn in BME Technology per Lindsay's instructions.
  5. If you have a radio/walkie-talkie in your room/possession, please return to the office for the summer.
  6. Turn in all OT/PT materials to Diane Weddle/Lisa Walter(or appropriate USS Team members )
  7. Keep “lock smocks” on classroom doors for fall—if you are changing rooms within BME, take yours with you to your new location
  8. Email Barb/Beth all summer maintenance requests (cc: Tom)
  9. Deadline to upload your SLO’s into SFS—no later than Tuesday, June 5th. Important reminder from Academic Services: Due dates for reporting SLO end of year results. SLO data is due to each teacher’s primary evaluator by June 5 (5 working days after the last teacher contract day for the school year).
  10. Classroom/Learning Spaces—prep for summer cleaning and additional classrooms
  • Take personal belongings home for safekeeping. Declutter, please.)
  • Ensure all classroom closets are accessible
  • Take down all items/décor from walls & bookcases that you wish to be cleaned ; If you want it cleaned, it must be cleared.
  • Clear window sills of items for cleaning
  • Please make sure that all assigned furniture to your room is indeed located in your classroom. It is your responsibility to ensure it is accounted for and maintained properly. We are adding classrooms, and need to inventory furniture items and request some items to be returned from storage. Your assistance is not only appreciated, but necessary. Thanks in advance.

Thank you!!

Summer Cleaning Schedule.

Throughout the summer, I often receive texts and phone calls asking about availability of classrooms during the summer. You are welcome to work in your rooms to organize, prepare, etc... as much as you desire. However, please avoid doing so when the cleaning teams are in the building. As you can see below, BME is scheduled to be cleaned in mid-July.

  • May 30-June 11: ZCHS/Graduation/Camps, etc.
  • June 12-17: PVE
  • June 18-21: ZWEST
  • June 24-July 1: ZMS
  • July 8-July 12 : SGE/Union
  • July 15-July 19: BME/Eagle (also note that the gym floor will be detailed)
  • July 22-26: Transportation—other outstanding items

Safety Item - (Accidental Lock Outs)

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had a couple of students that were accidently “locked out” for one reason or another. The very fact that we keep our doors secured throughout the day is critically important, but it also provides a moment of fear for our young students should they be locked outside by accident.

One scenario involved a student that was returning from a clinic visit, and the grade level returned to classes before the end of recess due to rain. A breakdown in communication occurred, and the student went outside to locate her class/teacher where she ended up being locked outside. A teacher passing in the hallway let the student in, and the student returned to class unharmed. Calm and understanding parents respectfully asked for clarification on our proactive procedures to assist in avoiding future situations. Other situations occurred with students didn’t join the group right away, and the class re-entered unknowingly.

Let’s be proactive by employing some of the following procedures:

Continue diligent monitoring of students during recess/outside time by spreading out to ensure students are seen throughout the playspaces.

After vetting to determine if a clinic visit is necessary, please employ the following protocols:

  • Complete a clinic pass to send with the student (please do not send students without clinic passes)
  • Have a responsible peer accompany the student into the clinic so they are not traveling alone to the clinic
  • Use the radio to inform Nurse Amy that a student is en route to the clinic.
  • Nurse Amy will radio the recess team to determine status before returning the student to the playground. If the grade level/class is coming in soon, please inform Amy so she can hold the student for a few more minutes before sending back to join the class. Please communicate where the child will need to go.

When re-entering the building after recess, please ensure the following:

  • Please have staff staggered throughout the line, with an adult being the last one in from the group. (If you are alone with your class, you should make sure your check the door after students enter the building.)
  • The staff member at the end of the line should (1) make a last quick visual sweep of the area, (2) ensure all students are in the building, and (3) check to make sure the door is securely closed. (Note: Teaching students this protocol is important and may prove beneficial as well. Having a “group caboose” may help the last adults with visual sweeps and checking the door.)

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our students safe.

Personal Business Leave Requests

For Certified Team Members:

To requests "personal business days," please complete the following process.

  1. Go to the following link, and complete the "personal business request" form.
  2. Once the form is completed, please send a brief email to me (Tom) that includes the date(s) of your request(s).
  3. Enter your upcoming absence in AESOP as soon as possible. (It can always be deleted later should plans change.)

Thanks -

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