The Jackson Articles

The age of Andrew Jackson

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The picture above

This picture represents what Jackson is doing to USA. Also, it hints the time that Jackson threatened the south and said that he would hang their leader. You can see in the text below, it says "Jackson is to be President, and you will be hanged" .Meaning that if you vote for Jackson to run another year, he will just bring more evil.

National Republican ( Negative )

The Spoils System was worst thing that happened to us. We were all happy, wealthy, cheerful. We all had jobs that gave us good money and we worked hard and trained to get these jobs, we actually had a life. Then Jackson comes around and fires us all. Giving people that don't deserve the jobs and don't even know what they can do and how to do it, and they get paid for doing nothing. Its not fair at all. Jackson is one of the worst presidents.

Democrate ( Positive )

The Spoils System was the best thing that happened to us. We were all poor and couldn't support our family. Jackson comes and says he will give us jobs if he becomes present. So I vote for him and he wins. Then he gives jobs out, and I got my life back. I don't even know how to do my job and I get paid. Its so cool. He saved me from starving. Jackson is one of the best presidents.