The Submarine by John Holland

In 1875 the plans for the Submarine were submitted, and six years later the Submarine was built and tested but had OK results and 3 years later it was tested again and was a success and was what the basic features of a submarine came from

How the Submarine works

The submarine is a craft that can travel underwater and fire missiles or torpedoes. The Submarine is either used for warfare or research there are different kinds of submarine like the attack sub or the ballistic sub. The way the sub surfaces is they release air from the ballast of they angle the fins up to surface. Most of the subs used diesel power until nuclear power was created in the 1950's.

The benefit and how it has evolved

The benefit of the Sub is that we can fight underwater warfare and attack countries without being seen. Since 1875 the sub has become a menace and destroys mostly any ship thrown their way.


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John holland

<-------Teacher who had ideas for the modern submarine that we know.