Harper: Beginning of the year info!

August 2021


We cannot wait for our students to join us back at Harper. Below are reminders and updated information to make sure everyone is safe and the school day goes well. Please review this with your child(ren) so the beginning of the year can go smoothly for all.


- Aaron and Jackie

Every Day Safety Reminders

  • Students must wear a mask when entering school. MASK UP when you LINE UP!
  • Social distance (3 feet) when inside of school.
  • Wash your hands often! (20 seconds).
  • Stay home if not feeling well.
  • We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe!

Face Masks

  • Students must wear a mask at school everyday.
  • Please send 3 extra masks daily with your student.
  • Wash masks frequently.
  • Make sure the mask(s) your child(ren) wear is fitted properly and stays over the nose at all times. We suggest masks that are adjustable for kids.
  • Please keep practicing or working with your child(ren) on how to wear a mask appropriately.

We do ask that students wear a face mask with loops around their ears. The CDC does not recommend use of face masks that have valves or vents or the use of gaiter style masks. Here is more information from the CDC on choosing the best face mask.

Arrival Procedures

Arriving at School:

** Supervision begins at 8:20am. Please do not arrive before 8:20am.

** Arrival is between 8:20-8:35am.

** Doors open to school at 8:30am.

** School begins at 8:35. (If you arrive after 8:35, enter the front doors).


  1. Make sure your child is feeling well and does not have any symptoms. (We are not requiring the certification form this year. Instead, we are asking parents to be on the honor system).
  2. When you arrive at Harper, have your mask ready (it is required to enter the building). MASK UP WHEN YOU LINE UP!
  3. HARPER ENTRANCE MAP: Students should be dropped off in front of the building and then will walk around to their assigned doors on the MAP. Students wait in line at their assigned door.
  4. At the doors’ entrance, a supervisor will greet the students. When the doors open, students walk into school with their mask on. (We are not doing temperature checks this year). If a student forgets their mask, they go to the front office.
  5. Students walk directly to their classroom.

--> Dropping off, please follow proper car-line/traffic procedures (information HERE).

--> Walking/bike riding, please use safe walking routes and only cross streets at cross walks. Bikes should ONLY be walked when on school property.

--> Dogs are not allowed on school property at the time of arrival and dismissal.

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Dismissal Procedures


** All adults and students should try to maintain social distance

** Please make sure your child knows how they will be picked up each day (what is their pick-up plan)

  1. Students exit the same doors they entered. Kindergartner students get picked up at the South/Kindergarten doors.

  2. Students walk or ride their bikes home. (2nd-4th graders can walk on their own; K and 1st graders must be with an adult).

  3. Car riders walk to the front of the school and wait until their car arrives.

--> Dropping off, please follow proper car-line/traffic procedures (information HERE).

--> Walking/bike riding, please use safe walking routes and only cross streets at cross walks. Bikes should ONLY be walked when on school property.

--> Dogs are not allowed on school property at the time of arrival and dismissal.


** Each grade-level will have lunch and recess at the same time (all classes together)


  • Students can bring their own lunch OR buy a box lunch.
  • Students will wash their hands before and after lunch.
  • Bringing own lunch: Students are expected to eat lunch on their own without the help of the supervisor, including opening up packages on their own. Please send items students are comfortable with and have used before.
  • Buying lunch: There will be a monthly menu online. Parents/guardians put money into the students account.
  • We will try to eat outside as much as possible. Please send a towel to keep at school to use for outside recess.


  • Community building recess: Some days classes will only interact/play with each other as a way to build community and friendships.
  • Regular recess: Most days the full grade-level will interact/play together. Outside, classrooms (pods) are allowed to interact/play with each other. (This can change though depending on the guidance we get from the health departments throughout the year).
  • Masks on while on the playground and blacktop areas.
  • Mask free zone will be the fields/grass.

--> Supervisors will work with students on recess expectations and guidelines.


Students will need:

  • Backpack with only necessary school supplies. Classroom teachers will provide more details
  • 3 masks
  • Water bottle - labeled (preferably with a straw)
  • Towel - labeled (left at school in their locker to use at lunch and outside)
  • Appropriate shoes for PE
  • Lunch (unless they are buying)

** School supply list (do the best you can)

** EduKits will be waiting in the classroom on the first day of school.

Other Information

  • Snack is allowed this year - fruits and vegetables only. (Your teacher will let you know if your class is eating snack and when).
  • Drinking fountains will be filling stations only. We encourage you to choose a bottle with a straw so that your child can drink their water with a mask on.
  • Students need to be able to independently take care of their own belongings. Please make sure they can take care of their shoes, any zippers and buttons, etc.
  • No toys or personal items should be brought to school. Just school supplies please! (Kinder teachers will talk to you about personal items separately)
  • Visitors will be limited within the building to begin this school year, only allowing visitors for essential needs and requiring prior approval. All visitors, vaccinated or unvaccinated, must wear a mask inside the building!

  • Dropping off items: Come to the front office and leave them with the secretary, like normal. When dropping off an item, a mask must be worn inside the school lobby.
  • Tech support: Email a support ticket here for support. We are working to get back to you as quickly as possible!
Technology Support Ticket

Click here to submit a technology support ticket to get help. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.


  1. Practice wearing a comfortable mask!

  2. Know the door to enter! (You may want to walk by the school this weekend to show your child which is their door)

  3. Only send the belongings you need!

  4. Know your teacher's name!

  5. Make sure your child knows HOW they are being dismissed and WHERE to meet you! (Not directly in front of the school).

Reminders from Nurse Morse

** Here is the 2021-22 Health Letter**

  • ATTENDANCE: Attendance is being taken EVERY SINGLE DAY. Please report any absences to Val Morse (morsev@wilmette39.org) or the safe phone line by 8:30am: 847-512-6250.
  • If your child is sick, indicate what kind of symptoms they are having. This is extremely helpful.
  • All kindergarteners and students who are new to the district need to provide updated health forms which can be accessed through the district website: https://www.wilmette39.org/for_parents/health_information
  • If you are ever a close contact to a COVID-19 positive case, email Val Morse and Aaron Dubnow ASAP.
  • If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call me. We are here to work together!

When to stay home

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you MUST STAY HOME!
  • If any sibling is home due to symptoms, all other siblings must stay home!
  • If any family member is waiting for a COVID-19 test result, all children must stay home until negative test result is received.
  • If your child is a close contact to a positive COVID-19 individual, you must stay home and follow quarantine guidelines (Quarantine is not required for fully vaccinated individuals unless they develop symptoms).

COVID Tests?

Testing Options and Partnerships

  • Outside testing agency, primary care physician or local pharmacy
  • Testing through Northshore Clinical Labs at Flick Park in Glenview. Open to everyone, no insurance is required, and no out-of-pocket cost. MON-FRI: 11 AM-7 PM | SAT: 9 AM-2 PM. Schedule appointment here:
  • A variety of free testing sites are available in our area. A list of these sites searchable by

zip code is available at http://dph.illinois.gov/testing.

IN PROGRESS: Shield Testing through District 39 in partnership with the University of

Illinois and IDPH (more details to follow):

  • Saliva-based PCR test with results available within 24 hours
  • Weekly screening option will be available after school
  • Test-to-stay option and intermittent testing option will be available
  • Consent and registration must be completed in advance

Aaron Dubnow

Principal, Harper Elementary School

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