Walt Disney

How to make your dream come true


How it started

Walt Disney had a very creative imagination. He wasn't always the luckyest though. He had 4 siblings, Roy, Herbert, Raymond, and Ruth. When Walt was nine him and his brother, Roy, had a news paper route. They would get up every morning at 4:30, raining or not, and deliver papers. When Walt was ten he opened a soda stand but couldn't make any money because he would drink some of the soda.

Walt dropped out of school at the age of sixteen to join the army during World Wat I. He was rejected because he wasn't old enough. He lied about his age to join but got sick with typhoid fever and pnemonia. He got to France but only an ambulance driver. In France he earned money by drawing and selling cartoons. He submitted them to a humor magazine and was rejected each time.

At the age of sixteen Walt dropped out of school to join the army but was rejected. He lied about his age after to go to France in WWI. He got sick with typhoid fever and pnemonia.

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After Walt came home from France he got an apprentice at a commercial art studio. He got laid off a little before a month. After that He got a job at Kansas City Film ad. He made a film to be sold in theaters but when he told the producer his price he accidently said the wrong price and made no profit. He was unable to find work as a director. He founded Disney Bros. with his brother Roy. Walt then created Mickey Mouse. The first cartoon with sound was "Steamboat Willie." This was the third Mickey Mouse cartoon of all of them. Mickey mouse was a big hit.
Walt Disney Animation Studios' Steamboat Willie


Walt didn't want to stop there. He wanted to be even better. He made a hole bunch of short films under the title of "Silly Symphonies." The first film in this category was called "A skeleton dance." Disney now has many movies out and an amuesment park. He did very well at making his dreams come true after he was shut down by many people.
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This quote means that he did the impossible because people told him he couldn't do what he wanted to do.

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