Vinemont Middle School

Seventh Grade Math

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Multiplying Positive and Negative Integers

Today you will multiply positive and negative integers while looking for patterns.

First, you will view a video in EDpuzzle over the rules for multiplying integers.

Next, you will use Nearpod to view patterns and answer questions. Follow the directions listed below under Nearpod to complete the task.

Last, you will complete an online activity using Quizizz review. Follow the directions listed below under Quizizz to complete the task.



View a video in EDpuzzle as a group assignment. Interactive questions will be found throughout the video.



Open Nearpod.

Click on I'm a Student, if that choice is not available, then,

Enter the Pin given by instructor, and click the arrow.

You will be prompted to enter your correct name but leave nickname blank.

Click Send and wait for further instruction.



Open Quizizz.

Click on Join a Game in the top right corner.

Enter Game Code given by instructor, then click Go!

You will prompted to enter your name.

Complete the activity at your own pace.


Have an awesome day!