What are Google apps for education?


Take some time to explore the websites posted below to find some great Google Apps for Education. Identify at least 3 apps or extensions in Chrome you would like to explore.
Google Apps for Education by Ed tech teacher

Go to this site - Click on I want to find apps by device. Then select Chrome book. Then identify a topic that you would like to explore.

Grow your PLN from these #GAFE all stars!

Once you have identified the chrome extensions/apps you would like to explore....

Find your name on the slideshow posted below. Type in the 1 Google app or extension that you would like to teach your classmates about. We chose 3 in case your choices are already selected. PLEASE NO REPEATS!

On your slide be sure to include the following information:

  • Title of app or extension
  • Brief description of it
  • Image or short video describing the extension/app
  • Identify how it can be used to enhance learning