Everything Peacock!

Learn Interesting Information About Peacocks

Basic Information

Peacock, a.k.a. Peafowl, are amazing creatures. Here is some basic info:

  • Classification Order- Galiformes
  • Scientific Name- Pavo Cristatus
  • Peacocks are closely related to pheasants
  • Habitat- Desert and savanna areas


Peacocks are omnivores. They eat almost everything but mostly plants, berries, seeds, insects, and even small creatures like reptiles and amphibians.

Social Interactions and Behavior

Peacocks (the males) have bright feathers to attract the peahens (the females). Peahens live close together and raise the babies together. Peahens can begin mating at 2 or 3 years. Most pea fowl live to about 20 years. Even though peacocks don't really get along with other birds, they are social with one another. They roost in tall trees to protect themselves from danger and make shrieking sounds if there is any danger.
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Peacocks can run at about 10-14 mph and they can jump pretty high.


Peacocks have many predators, some of which include jungle cats, stray dogs, leopards, and tigers. If an enemy grabs a peacock's tail, though, the feathers easily pull out, enabling the peacock to esape.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Only the males are called peacocks. The females are peahens.
  2. A family of peafowl is called a bevy.
  3. Peafowl shed their feathers every year.
  4. Peafowl can fly, despite their long trains.
  5. The train of a peacock can reach 6 feet long.