All about me!

Stephanie O'Bree - Katherine NT

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Who am I?

I am a 23 year old teacher that has recently moved to the remote NT. I have only been teaching for a year so I am still learning lots of new things all of the time. Working in a brand new environment with many students that are new to the English language has made teaching a challenge but one I am enjoying undertaking. I have travelled to many countries throughout my study at University and I was lucky enough to experience teaching at a bilingual school in Germany. I taught for a month and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that came from this. This is where my passion for TESOL originally stemmed from.

TESOL and Technology

I am still beginning my TESOL training and I feel quite challenged by some aspects of it. As a relatively young person it is expected that I have a better handle on technologies than more experienced teachers. However for me technology is not my strongest attribute. It is an area I am trying to improve and incorporate more seamlessly into my teaching and I am hoping that this subject will assist me in that.