Longhorn Stampede

(For 11/16/20 -11/20/20) Learn. Empower. Accept. Develop.

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LSE 4th Grade Veteran's Day Virtual Concert 2020


Friday, 11/20 - School-wide Lighthouse Celebration Day

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Holidays

Friday, 12/4 - Goat Naming Art Contest Forms due to Mrs. Ritchie

Tuesday, 12/8 Garden Day for 2nd Grade

Tuesday, 12/15 - Pajama Day

Wednesday, 12/16 - Classroom Holiday Celebrations

Wednesday, 12/16 - Early Release (1:00 pm)

Thursday, 12/17 - Early Release (1:00 pm

Friday, 12/18 - Monday, 1/4 - Student Holidays

7 Habits at Home: Habit 3 - Put First Things First: Plan Every Week

If Sunday nights are stressful with the overwhelming week’s tasks approaching. We can take 10 minutes to review our personal mission statement, then think about the important people in our lives, and finally list our big rocks on a calendar. We could then look forward to the challenge ahead and be energized!

Nurse Notes

Dear Lone Star Families,

We appreciate all the phone calls and emails to LSE, especially regarding Covid questions. It helps immensely to problem solve together all the different scenarios. The guidelines can be confusing, especially when they change for different roles. Essential workers, like health care and first responders, can get a Covid test if exposed and are back at work once the results are negative. But this is not the case for schools. Any student or staff exposed to Covid must quarantine for 14 days from date of last exposure. MISD gets guidelines from Texas Education Association, Montgomery County Public Health District and CDC. Clinic web page below has links to all. You will also find MISD Covid Health Response info under "Montgomery Moving Forward 2020- Reopening Plan" on the MISD main web page. MISD Covid Tracker is linked below. LSE's bar graph is reaching higher than we would like to see.

"When in doubt, please give us a shout!", says our Dr. Bartlett. Putting our heads together to figure the best actions possible will help as we cross the finish line of this stressful 2020 together.



Monica Lemke, R.N.

LSE School Nurse


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