Types of Drugs

Kyle Curry


Drugs, such as marijuana, PCP, and LSD, are under the category of Hallucinogens. Hallucinogens create and block pathways in the brain, and make you feel out of it, and experience visions. This may sound all peachy, but the high doesn't last long, and the after effects are way worse then any high. The addictions and the lows can last a life time. The addictions can drain your wallet, and the lows will only make you want more. LSD and roofies make you hallucinate so vividly that in almost all cases you forget about the whole experience. Roofies is also known as the date-rape drug. At parties people use roofies to make a person hallucinate and forget about a situation, making it perfect for someone to use to rape someone, without the other person realizing it until later. All in all hallucinogens may be a easy way to get a high, but the downsides out weigh the highs by a long shot.


Stimuli are drugs that make you feel energetic and awake. A great example of a stimuli is caffeine. This is a very mild stimuli though. It is O.K. in moderation. Other stimuli, though, such as cocaine, heroine, and methamphetamine have extremely harmful side effects. Cocaine is extremely addictive, and very expensive, and will leave you in a depressive low. Heroine will leave you crazy for more, and will leave you looking crazy. Meth is going to make you look like a monster, and is perhaps the most addictive of them all. Not to mention they are all extremely illegal. They may leave you feeling high, but they will leave you in a extreme low, wanting more, and your wallet even higher (in dept).


Depressants. There are not many of them. But they are easily the most used drug in the world. There is one drug that out weighs all other drugs, most likely combined. This drug is alcohol. Alcohol is depressant. It disconnects you from the world, making your brain less aware. You loose sense of "common sense." Your derision making goes down dramatically. Alcohol is a drug the reduces motor skills, both fine and coarse. Driving skills decrease. You may feel good, but the potentially deadly side effects are not enough to weigh the high. So when going out to that next party, think to yourself, this this worth putting myself in the line of death, even my friends?

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