Olympics 1936

Overview of Holocaust

The holocaust was a assassination of Jews preformed by the Nazis also Adolf Hitler. He wanted to exterminate all Jews because he thought that they were a disgrace. Hitler began slowly gaining power through a small town then a whole city. Hitler had everyone's trust that he was doing the right thing and they obeyed him. He wanted the Jews to be blond hair blue eyed but himself was not. All in which led into world war ll (1939-1945).

Defininition/Background information

Jesse Owens broke 3 world records ,won 4 gold medals ,and was the only top medalist in track and field at the summer Olympics 1936. The Olympics happened while Hitler was taking over Germany most American athletes where terrified to qualify for the games. the Olympics where how America found out about Hitler killing Jews.

Original Research Question

what kind of events did Jesse Owens participate in the Olympics ? Jesse Owens did the 400-meter relay and sprints.


"we all have dreams, but in order to make dreams come into reality , it takes awful lot of determination , dedication, self-discipline, and effort " - Jesse Owens

This quote was impactful because if he didn't put in hard work he wouldn't of done so well in the Olympics.

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