Midwest Region

by Katie and Alexis


Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.

Intresting facts...

Hailstorms happen in spring, and starts tornado season.

The Wrigley Field is home for the Chicago Cubs.

Farmers wanted to be independent in there work.

Farmers owned about 150 acres, now they own about 450 acres.

The most popular tool for over 100 years to help farm is the tractor.

The square miles of the whole area is 821,763.

Regions work together by giving supplies for certain major landmarks.

The Midwest is divided into two parts, the ''Great plain states'' and the ''Great lake states.''

It has large farms, so they can grow more corn and wheat then any other part or the country.

Chicago is the main city of the region.

Farming is there culture and slavery in the past.

Region Information

Regions climate: The winter, blizzards, hailstorms, tornado season and its temp. is humid.

Common vegetation that grows in the region: Dairy, corn and wheat.

What are some common jobs: Farming, lumbers and meatpacking.

What are some things people do for fun: Shopping at the mall, playing and seeing baseball games on the Wrigley field and do snow activates.

Major landmarks/landforms in the region: The Minnesota's amazing mall of America , the Midwest transportation hub, Gateway to the west and Wrigley field.

Farming is there cuture, and slavery in the past.


Whats the population of the Midwest? 66,217,736

How many state's are in the Midwest? 12 states

What is the most common job? farming