Tiong Bahru Housing

Geographical investigation

Field sketch of Tiong Bahru housing estate

the field sketch shows the housing differences in the past and present in Tiong Bahru.
In the past, the housing is low rising flats with many shop houses on the first floor.

Now, most of the houses are high rise buildings with many units on each floor, this enables many residents to stay in it since Singapore's population is high.

More information about Tiong Bahru

Did you know that Tiong Bahru has one of the oldest housing estate in Singapore?

Unique features of Tiong Bahru housing

Interview response :)

How do you find Tiong Bahru?

Out of all the interviews, one of the interviewee we interviewed said that she had stayed in Tiong Bahru for over 67 years. She said that she doesn't find the housing expensive when she first bought it. She also finds the facilities useful and convenient and stated that she loves staying in Tiong Bahru and have never thought of moving out. This shows that she grew attached to the place and have a sense of belonging there.
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more about Tiong Bahru

Me and me friends researched on Tiong Bahru and found our that there are many facilitiesthere that made life easier for the residents there,not only that we also found out that Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest place in Singapore with inclusive housing we made interviews there to understand more about that place. At first me and my friends thought that Tiong bahru has nothing but we saw lots of old buildings there which we cannot find it in lots of area nowadays and it make us see what was the building like in the pass eg. Shophouses ,low rise buildings etc.