Why you should always keep a weapon

GUN history

weapons have been used throughout history the romans used the in 50 BC for the battle of three hundred when Athens and Sparta fought Persia. Well that’s just one of the battles ill discuss. In 1695 the English war raged on from now most people had a gun or some sort of hunting or self-defense usually to protect them from opposing enemies because the battle raged everywhere. From 50 BC till now people have forgotten an important role that guns play. Guns like the Wheelock pistol the mathlock rifle, the berretta and etc. but the point stands guns are shields of life not death itself

HUTING/ Well food any ways

hunting for a purpose

This reason out of all the reasons should be considered because it has to do with survival. Its hunting, because everyone knows that humans are omnivores but I guess if you call tracking and killing an innocent salad or fruit hunting I think we may be set for live in this world. Hunting is something that’s been filling men, women, and even children’s stomachs for millenniums with the finest beef, pork, chicken, and sometimes even fish. Hunting has also changed because some animals face extinction because of poaching.


The only thing that started this whole discussion was good and bad influences like robberies, murders, and bad stuff like that. Guns are shields it’s just who’s behind it the cops, army, and other law enforcers carry guns without those weapons what will happen If a shootout breaks loose who’s protecting you. No doubts about the wrong people having guns we should focus on the negative source.


Well sorry that concludes why you should keep your sword, 9millameter, bow n arrow. Keep that shield like America kept it. Let your shield put food on the table and protect your home. What you believe is what determines the safety and future. All I know is when things get bad friend against friend and brother verses brother im goanna be safe next to my, well I guess weapon