Like a Machine

In theaters near you January 1st! ........Mabey...

Our main characters include... Dr. Inclined Plane

In a middle school near you (Lamar MS) he operates helping kids go up and down the halls without jumping or climbing! He has a down spot though, the longer he is, yes you can use less force, but it takes longer to get were you are going! Plus, a special cameo appearance from Claude Blinov, from 3-4 science Pre-AP! He will be helping Claude walk up from the lower hall, to the higher one!

Also Staring the Fabulous Pulleys!!!!

He's come to save the day by multiplying Captain Input Force and getting the job done! Often found on a flag pole he can conveniently lift things up, even when you pull down! By using he's exuding strength you can get the job done with LESS FORCE!!!!! But like every hero, he's got his fatal flaw... The more he multiplies (more pulleys in use) the more rope he needs! DUN DUN DUNUNUNUNUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!
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The screw, commonly referred to as "the screw", will help by holding things together! She is a beautiful combo of the Wheel and Axle and an Inclined plane! By using a screwdriver (Wheel and Axle) you can easily drill holes or push things together! Of course the screw also has it's down side. Unlike a nail, which you can just kadoink in to the object, the inclined plane equals distance, that equals more time to do the task, but a stronger hold! SPOILER ALERT! Do not read on if you don't want to get the spoiler! When the Skateboard (Wheel and Axle) breaks the screw will have the vital roll or keeping him together! Found on a fence near you!!

And When in Doubt, Call on Mr. Wheel and Axle!

As seen in our background, the main character in this smashing new blockbuster is the wheel and Axle. Using exceeding mobility to travel around quickly! Found at a skate park near you! It uses a rod attached to a wheel to spin around a fixed point! Of course, using a Wheel and Axle instead of just a wheel, reduces the force needed but takes a longer time to do the work. By using the Wheel AND Axles you have to turn both objects, yet like Pulleys, you need more time and space to operate! He is a smash hit on evil, and a comedic relief on machines.