Bathing Children Safely

By Sidnee Baker and Cristal Luna


Children are very playful and adventurous. As a parent, it is important to make sure that your child is safe while taking a bath. Some safety measures are:
  • Comfortable water temperature (37C)
  • Put the cold water in first
  • For newborns and up to six months old the bathtub should be filled about 5 inches
  • Never fill the bathtub more than waist high or let the water running
  • If you can't hold your baby at the moment get a bath cradle which will support her in the water
  • If he or she is old enough you can use a bath seat
  • Don't leave your child in the bathtub alone
  • Get a rubber mat so your child won't slip
  • Make sure your bathtub is clean
  • If possible have someone help you

Did You Know?

  • Completely cleansing the diaper area after changing the baby will prevent the need for daily baths.
  • Giving your baby baths frequently are not only a complete waste, but will also dry your baby's skin.
  • Kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks are also efficient ways to give your baby a bath.
  • It is fine to use just water to bathe your baby unless he or she is particularly dirty.
  • Sponge baths are necessary for newborns and also a good option for older babies as well.
  • A clean cotton cloth or ball can be used to wipe the eyelids from the inner to outer corner.