Pray To Athena #Pray ©

By: Harrison Q. Martin

Goverment for Athens.

Athens is a very safe and free economy where people have rights and responsibilties. In Athens people are valued unlike in Sparta. In Sparta people are not valued as much, if there is a weak baby in the city-state then the baby would be left outside to die and be eaten by the wolves. But lets get back to Athens. Athens is a Democracy and every citizen has the right to vote and be apart of the goverment. These are some facts about the government of Athens.

Athens Economy

Athens economy is a very rich and wealthy place. Athens economy is major in trading and tourism. Since trade is booming with riches more tourists come and they give gifts to the city of Athens. This is why Athens is very rich and powerful in trade and tourism. The only down fall about Athens is that Athenians don't treat the women very fair. That is not acceptable. You can't look past sexism anywhere.


Hope this made you want to come and live in the beautiful city of Athens!