how does man V.S man play a part in the story

paul fisher 101

Paul fisher is the main character in the story tangerine. Paul is trying to find out the mysteries behind his new town, but that gets him in some pretty sticky situations.

what about his school?

Paul lives in lake Windsor downs territory but he goes to school at tangerine middle. Paul choose to go to school there but it was not one of his best decisions he has been bullied,punched, and he has gained rage. for example page 119, "Before he could get away, I scrambled up and jumped on his back. I brought him down and started punching him blindly. "

what other decisions?

Paul released Tino from coach warner's grasp (page 259) after he beat up Erick. "he lunged to one side loosing his grip of Tino." Paul will be looked at as a bad boy instead of just a nerd which could even effect who his friends are.

how do thease things effect pauls future.

Paul gets kicked out of Tangerine Middle School, because of his actions, and is forced to go to St Anthonys Catholic School but he also helped his friends out. 291
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going to Tangerien Middle School

Paul didn't always go to tangerine middle school, he actually started at lake Windsor downs but there was a sinkhole. Paul didn't have to go to tangerine but he choose to and that put him in some bad places. on page 94 Paul says,"I want to go to tangerine middle, and I want to go with no IEP."

losing his freind

Paul and joey used to be really close but then Paul persuaded joey to join him at his new school and lied saying it was great. joey hates his new school and got mad at Paul and basically ending their friendship. 154,"Joey turned on me"