The Memory Keeper's Daughter

By: Kim Edwards

The Book vs. The Movie

By : Jessica Kinder

Mrs. Neal

AP English IV/ 2nd

6 February 2013

Differences in Conflict

Conflict: Paul finding out about his mother's affair and telling his father.

Movie- Paul finds out he is accepted to Julliard right as he picks up the phone and stumbles upon a conversation between his mother and her secrete man. He becomes angered and runs out. He ends up stealing some cheese and ends up in jail. His parents pick him up quickly and on the ride home from his father he explains the news he found out.

Book- Paul finds out his acceptance to Julliard and tells his father about his plans and he father is happy for him and is supporting him. Paul is shocked by his reaction and runs off.

Significance: This difference from the book and movie really change the conflict in the book because Paul finding out about his mother affair really affects his character and relationship with his mother.

Differences in Plot

Plot: The death of David

Movie- After David and Norah's divorce, David goes over to the house to fix a dripping faucet in the kitchen and to gather his last bit of belongings. As he was in the process of fixing the sink he suffers from an aneurysm and Norah comes home to find him dead.

Book- David jogs to Norah's house to fix the bathroom faucets, it takes him more than a hour to fix them. After he is finished he continues his run back home, he suffers from a massive heart attack during his run home and passes away.

Significance- This plot difference between the book and the movie is significant because its a major difference in plot. The movie portrays Norah finding him which opens up her past feelings for David but the book never portrays that because Norah does not discover him.

Plot: The discovery of Phoebe still being alive

Movie- After David's death Paul and Norah are going through David's dark room where he kept all his secret pictures, and the unfolded the story about Phoebe that David kept from them.

Book- Caroline shows up at Norah's door step to tell her the story of Phoebe.

Significance- This plot difference between the movie and book is significant because the whole story line was about the secrete behind Phoebe and the two different plots adjusts the story. The fact that Caroline shows up at Norah's door shows how Caroline could not live with the secrete anymore and her character steps up and reveals the story rather than the movie where they just stumble upon the pictures to tell the story.

Differences in Setting

Setting: Where Norah and Phoebe meet

Movie- After discovering the hidden pictures of Phoebe, Norah and Paul travel to the home of Caroline and Phoebe to meet them and to tell them they know the true story. When they arrive Caroline is surprised but welcoming they exchange conversation and Phoebe is introduced to Norah and Paul she is understanding and friendly towards them. She splits the bouquet of flowers between her two mothers and the movie ends.

Book- Caroline travels to the home of Norah to tell her the story of Phoebe. Caroline tells her exactly what happened the night of the birth of the twins. Norah is overwhelmed but so happy Caroline took her in and took very special care of her.

Significance- This is a major setting difference between the two. They are like the opposite of each other. This is significant because it changes the meaning of the whole story. It puts the spotlight on two different characters. I think the director of the movie ended the movie in that way because it has a happy ending but in the book there is more to the story; it is not over yet.

Where is the ending of the book in the movie?

The ending of the book was no where to be found in the movie. The book ended with Norah's second wedding and Phoebe being apart of it. This was so magical because it portrayed the acceptance of the life of Phoebe. It showed Norah's family all together. But, it also showed that she still supported and approved of Caroline was her real mother and her daughter. It was a great way for the book to end. But, the movie did not portray this ending which did not capture this magical moment of this family.

Missing Characters

There were a handful of characters that were in the book that did not make it to the movie. Such as; Rosemary, Bree, Dero and Leo. The lack of Rosemary took out some of the plot of the book. David has an affair with a pregnant teenager named Rosemary and Paul finds out and is so ashamed by his father. In the movie David never has an affair with anyone he stays faithful to his wife, unlike her. The missing of Rosemary does not show David's true character like the book.