Hanby Middle School

September 2021


9/13: Volleyball vs. Lorna Byrne at HOME, 4 PM

9/15: Volleyball vs. Kids Unlimited at HOME, 4 PM

9/15: Football AT St. Mary's, 4:30 PM

9/16: Cross-Country AT St. Mary's, 4:30 PM

9/21: Fall Athletics Pictures, 3:15 PM

9/22: Football vs. Lorna Byrne at HOME, 4 PM

9/22: Volleyball AT Rogue River, 4:30 PM

9/23: Cross-Country AT RVAS, 4 PM

9/27: Volleyball vs. Ruch at HOME, 4 PM


9/29: Volleyball AT RVAS, 4 PM

9/29: Football AT Prospect, 4:30 PM

9/30: Cross-Country AT Ruch, 4:30 PM

Principal's Message

Welcome to Hanby Middle School!

My Name is Scott Dippel and I am the Principal at Hanby MIddle School. I am beginning my 11th year as principal at Hanby. I am a Crater Graduate and a third generation administrator in this district, with a tradition of family members attending, teaching or leading in the district since 1930. I have been an administrator in District 6 for 17 years. There is no place I would rather work than Hanby. I believe that Hanby is the best regional middle school for many reasons. We offer a small community feel where your child well be known and supported by staff immediately. Our goal is to produce academically mature students. We focus not only on curriculum but on the acronym WICOR. Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading development are goals for every student in every class. This development and growth cannot just happen Monday - Friday 8 - 2:35. This growth must happen with the support of a student's family. We ask for your support in communicating and partnering with the school to meet these goals. Below are a few suggestions you can do at home to support your child's growth through middle school:

  • Set up a space at home for learning. Depending on your child's level of independence this may need to be a space where your student can be seen and assisted, like the dinner table.

  • Set routines at home, which includes bed times and set morning routines. Remember that only a few months separate a 5th grader and a 6th grader, yet as parents we feel the pressure to not have a bed time for the 6th grader. Adolescents need more sleep than younger students.

  • Understand that nutrition matters; providing a good morning meal is important to a productive day. Hanby provides a free breakfast for students every school day.

  • Keep kids active. Encourage students to get involved with school groups and/or athletics. Students that are involved in extra-curricular activities are more successful than their peers.

  • Don't be afraid to contact the teachers. Our job in education is to provide feedback to the student and the family. After the past year and a half, we need time for recovery. This means determining where a student is academically and how we can fill any holes in their learning. It could also be, for those who were successful in CDL, where we think they can excel.

  • Finally, reading is a foundational skill for a lifetime of learning. Set a time and an expectation for reading. If your child struggles with reading, reading to them is very valuable. Our language arts teachers participate in "The 40 Book Challenge." For all students we encourage them to read 40 books in a school year, encouraging them to read all genres. This program has been very successful and has created some active readers.

This year, I will be assisted for the first time by two administrative staff. Lee Shupe will be our Student Service Coordinator, and Danielle Goode will be our Coordinator of Student Success. Both of these positions will provide a deep level of support to students and families. This will be a great asset for me as I will be working on the planning of the 1910 building remodel, changes to the campus, and continuing development of teachers and staff. You may have communication with them during the year but still feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful school year!

Scott Dippel, Principal

Teacher Spotlight

Each month, look for an introduction to one of our new staff members. This month, we feature Megan Dunn, Hanby's 6th grade math teacher.
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My name is Megan Dunn and I am so grateful to join the team at Hanby this year as the 6th Grade Math and PE teacher!

I was born and raised in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and moved to Central Point to live on my husband's family farm in 2016. I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Marketing from Francis Marion University in South Carolina, where I received an athletic scholarship to play volleyball. After working in business for five years as an Advertising Analyst and Marketing Manager, I decided to follow my passion for helping others by entering the coaching and teaching world! I accepted the Head Volleyball Coach position at Crater in 2019, as well as a position at Mae Richardson Elementary while I worked on obtaining my Masters of Education. The warm and welcoming faces that I am met with at school each day reminds me how lucky I am to be a teacher! I look forward to helping my students have a positive and fun learning experience at Hanby!


Parents, please call Mrs. Mondry at 541-494-6804 to report your child's absence. Thank you.
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