The Vowel Pair Bakery

Phonics Game

Point of the Game

The Vowel Pair Bakery takes Play-Doh and vowel pairs and puts them together into a fun game! This game works on student's knowledge of vowel pairs and how in some words two vowels together make a singular vowel sound.

How to:

Split the class into groups of 3 or 4.

Each group will have one baker and two or three customers!

From the "menu" of vowel pair words, the customers (one at a time) will order a word from the baker.

The baker will then shape the Play-Doh into the single letter that the vowel pair makes. (For example; Coat -> oa --> o. So they baker would then shape the letter "o" by either rolling out the letter or by flattening the dough and carving the letter with their finger).

After the baker does each order form the customers, the students will switch roles and there will be a new baker!

You do this until each student has had a chance to be the baker.

Don't forget to really explain what you want from the students!

Reflection from Classroom Experience

I tried this in a second grade class and the students LOVED it. I had hair nets that they could wear if they wanted to and was wearing a hair net myself! I think it would be more fun if you had an apron for them to wear as well.

I noticed it was easier when I explained exactly what I wanted from them in more depth. In the first groups a lot of the kids just thought I wanted them to make both of the vowels, so in the next groups I made sure to really explain what it was we were doing and they did a much better job showing understanding.

It was a very fun way to practice the understanding of what single vowel sound a vowel pair makes!