Allan F. Daily High School

2nd Annual Career Fair

Thank you for taking interest in being a presenter for the 2014-2015 Daily Career Fair!

This year's fair, "A Slice of Advice for 21st Century Careers," is scheduled for November 14th, 2014 from 9am-11am with a staff and presenter luncheon from 11-11:30am.

Thanks to dedicated professionals like yourselves, we are able to continue to inspire and expose our students to the careers of today. With your help, we hope to help our students find their passion, and create a goal of pursuing a career.

Please RSVP by October 30th to participate in this year's fair.

Allan F. Daily High School Career Fair

Friday, Nov. 14th, 9-11am

220 North Kenwood Street, Glendale, CA, United States

Parking is accessible from Kenwood St.

Career Fair Invitation Letter

Below, you will find the link to our Formal Invitation letter. Please RSVP no later than October 30th.

For any questions, suggestions or information please contact Jamie Alarcon.