Nuremburg Trials

Fritz Sauckel

Sauckel's War Crime

Fritz Sauckel was given power by Hitler, himself, as a General for Labor. The laborers were recruited from multiple countries and some prisoners of war. From the 5 million people who came to the labor camps, very few to none came voluntarily. He is responsible for the slave laborer's forced transport to Germany and for their inhumane treatment and suffering.


He was found guilty of Count Three (murder, extermination, enslavement, torture, etc) and Count Four (murder, bad treatment of civilian population and prisoners of war, slave labor etc). He was found not guilty/innocent of Count One (toltarian control and common plan as Nazi party) and Count Two (organizing and planning of war).

Fritz Sauckel died by hanging on October 16, 1946

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Sauckel stated, "Out of five million foreign workers who arrived at Germany, bot even 200,000 came voluntarily." This confirms that he did indeed enslave people and forced them to work.


In my opinion Fritz's punishment was not fit for what he had done. Although he enslaved people, murdered them, and forced them to work, he deserves to live. He should have to live with what he has done to all of these innocent people for the rest of his life. This should be something that is a burden on him forever. However, I do not believe that he should just walk away for all the kaos he created. I think that he at least deserved jail time. And depending on the severity of what the Nazi's have done, they should receive the same conviction.