language arts

lets learn....

by addie richardson

3 six weeks project........


witch a story takes place,main backdrop of a story.

ex. it was a Monday at 6 pm.


the main events of a play


the position of witch something or some one is being observed

ex. {first person] i see that blue sky.

graphic organizers

put down ideas before you wright the story


after you wright the rough draft you correct any mistakes before you right the final copy


evokes certain feelings or vibes

ex. the river,reflecting the clear blue sky glisten and sparkled on.

sensory language

the 5 senses {touch,smell,hear,taste,sight}

ex. the sweet smell coming from the juicy pie looked so good.

i hope i can answer any of you qoustions

please feel free to ask....i really encourage you to, its helps not just you but me to by growing and challenging our slelfs

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 2:15pm

mrs.barber class

i just want to say i am so thankful for mrs.barber giving us 1 more day tho i am in sac .so i can not present it to the class.