Perfume consultant

Feel amazing about you

Whether you are celebrating a wedding/ event, celebrating a special occasion, or needing a fragrance for yourself, let our professional staff at Garden of Senses help to complete that special moment for you.

Naturally people want to feel good in sending messages thru fragrance and gifts. At Garden of Senses, we help you to experience the joys of giving and feeling great about being you!

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Contact Information

768-2237 or 796-2040

Order and Pay with credit card via Pay pal on www.garden-of-senses.com

Ordering Policy

Please allow 6-10 business days at maximum (from our order processing date- (Fridays_) to import your order, clear it with Customs Division and thereafter, deliver it to you in line with our Delivery Policy.

Deliveries are made via TTPost Courier at a cost of $30.00 (to client) OR delivered in person at a mutual venue.